hello 2017


I know am probably too late to wish happy new year but who cares.Tisya just reminded me that i actually owned a blog 😂 cant believe ive stop writing for almost 6 months 🌚

a lot had happened, bad and good, same ol stuff. Have i changed towards the better? I dont know. i am more commited towards my job tho. im learning to not get overly attach with anyone including the kids.Work life is okay. I hate my boss, but he could be okay at times. i fake laugh to most of his jokes and will be super energetic if he is not around 😂

love life? mehhh. although i can say that i am more ready than last year eventho my definition of ready is really not that affirmative 🌚 lets just say, i dont really care whats gonna happen, when its gonna happen, im just gonna show a lil bit of effort this year compared to last year.Am i in love with anyone? yes, i dont know untill when. but is he gonna be the one?not necessarily. You cant always get what you want y'know. whoever he is, i just hope he could accept all my flaws as well as i could accept his.

remembered a line in 'abundance of katherines'. "i may not get anything good by staying, but at least nothing bad is gonna happen either" (not accurate but more or less thats what the lines meant). 
i so can relate to this cause i think thats how ive been rolling my life. by being in the safe zone.and its getting a lil bit too comfy :/

i guess thats it for now. im gonna write more whenever i remember that i actually own a blog

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